Services: Recruitment

We use our extensive social network to connect Employers with the right candidates for a bioinformatics job - whether a bioinformatics scientist, software developer or analyst. Please send us your information, and we will reach out to you within 4 business hours. Or call us at 617-771-4911. Here's a summary of our services:

For Employers
We will create a job announcement based on your projects and requirements, then list the position on our website, newsletter, jobs boards and our expanded social network, and filter the responses from the most qualified individuals. While maintaining confidentiality and minimizing noise, we will only forward the best candidates and guarantee a quick response. We will effectively grade and evaluate potential employees for their bioinformatics skills, and even train potential employees in certain bioinformatics domains so they hit the ground running upon hire. Click here for a description of services and rates.

For Candidates
We offer free job search services to candidates looking for work in the bioinformatics field. By enrolling in our database of skilled workers and letting us know that you are looking, we can send you the latest jobs that we become aware of. In addition, we can help you prepare for this as well. Here are some documents you might find useful:
Starting a Bioinformatics job search
Preparing a Resume/CV
Preparing for an interview
Day of the interview tips

Bioinformatics Training

Candidates who need additional help because they are inadequately trained for bioinformatics jobs can take advantage of our training and counseling services. This usually involves a self-assessment form that is filled out by candidate and evaluated by an industry expert, followed by resume writing advice and the development of a career and training plan. Counseling is a paid service billed at an hourly rate. For training courses, check out our training section

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